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Bar Harbor, Maine

Atlantis Whale Watch is a small Maine business based in Bar Harbor. Our owners, managers and most of our crew live right here in the local area. Many of our naturalists and narrators have graduated from Bar Harbor's College of the Atlantic. We are proud of our organization and gratified that so many visitors to Eastern Maine choose to ride on our vessels.

Aboard ATLANTIS we acknowledge that the ocean is a very special environment; one in which whales are at home and we are not. Whales control if and when they will be watched which makes it all the more special when a captain's patience and soft touch on the controls is rewarded by a whale's lack of concern at our presence.

Our naturalists, captains and crews work here because they love the ocean and appreciate the creatures that live in it. You'll find our enthusiasm for the sea is contagious.

We invite you to join us aboard ATLANTIS for much more than just a boat cruise. You will experience a blend of adventure, excitement and education that you'll cherish for a lifetime. It's all waiting for you aboard ATLANTIS!

White Sided Dolphins

Humpback tail

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