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Bar Harbor, Maine

Welcome to Bar Harbor, Maine! We'd like to invite you to join usaboard ATLANTIS for the very best whale watching in New England. Our whale watching trips last approximately 3 hours and typically take us 15 to 25 miles from Bar Harbor out into the Gulf of Maine. Humpback whales, finback whales, right whales, and minke whales are all common in this area. As we leave Bar Harbor, we cruise past the Porcupine Islands, Egg Rock Lighthouse and Acadia National Park providing you with a breathtaking view of the area's most spectacular scenery. An experienced naturalist is always aboard to answer your questions and provide an informative background on whales, other marine mammals and the many varieties of seabirds we encounter. We support several research organizations involved in cetacean studies and we publish all our sighting data onto the internet through WhaleNet, with whom we are affiliated.

ATLANTIS was built in 1998 specifically for whale watching off the coast of Maine. All her interior spaces are centrally heated (and air conditioned). At 116 feet in length, ATLANTIS provides a safe, stable platform to observe and photograph whales without the unusual pitching motion of catamarans or smaller vessels at sea. The ship features four restrooms, a fully handicapped accessible lower deck, the Finback Galley with the finest food afloat and a concert quality public address system. (more about ATLANTIS)

Here are some tips to help make your whale watching more enjoyable:

  • Athletic shoes (sneakers) or any comfortable foot wear with rubber soles is suggested.
  • Polarized sunglasses (even cheap ones) will enable you to see several feet underwater. This will allow you to see shading and coloration on the whale's bodies and appendages.
  • Binoculars are an excellent tool to observe seabirds and whales from a distance.
  • Photography: (suggestions for amateur marine photographers)
    The ocean is NEVER still. Leave your slow film and long lenses at home. We suggest you do not use film slower than 200 ASA, lenses longer than 150mm or shutter speeds slower/shorter than 1/125 of a second. If you plan to shoot down into the water, use a polarized filter (check out the dolphins on the "Our Company" page).
  • Think safety! We have built ATLANTIS so that you are never more than an arm's length from something to hold onto. As you move about the vessel be sure to hang on as you go, even when its calm.

Humpback whale breaches


Finback blow
Finback whale exhales

Humpback whale
people watching

  • Be sure to dress warmly. It is often 10 - 20 degrees cooler offshore than it is in town. ATLANTIS has two heated cabins in which to warm up, but when the action starts you'll want to be on deck. Bring a warm jacket or sweater. ATLANTIS cruises at very high speed (more than 30 MPH) so if you want to be on deck while we are underway (very exhilarating) be sure to wear clothing that blocks the wind.



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