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Bar Harbor, Maine

Welcome aboard the ACADIAN! Join us for a 1½ or 2 hour cruise in the protected waters of Frenchman Bay, off Bar Harbor, Maine. We'll cruise past some of the most breathtaking scenery in New England. From the shear granite cliffs of Schooner Head to the smooth rock beaches behind Ironbound Island, you'll see a rugged maritime landscape etched by glaciers and battered by sea & wind. Yet, despite the harsh environment, seals still haul out on the ledges of Flanders Bay to warm up and raise their pups. Eagles still build nests along the shores of the Porcupine Islands and porpoises still surface unexpectedly in the bay for a few breaths of air before continuing their search for food. Frenchman Bay is teeming with life and our naturalists are eager to point it out and interpret it for you.

Trip 1 - Our "Frenchman Bay Nature Cruise" departs at 10am and is 2 hours in length. The cruise is narrated by certified rangers from the National Park Service and Acadia National Park.

Trip 2 - The "VIP Estates Cruise" departs at 1pm and is 2 hours in length. This cruise concentrates on the many huge mansions built along the shore of Bar Harbor during the first part of the century.

Trip 3 - The "Lighthouse Cruise" departs at 3:30pm and is 1½ hours in length. We visit the famous lighthouses built on Egg Rock and Turtle Island. Don't forget your camera!

Trip 4 - The "Sunset Nature Cruise" is 2 hours in length and is a glorious way to end the day. Many of the Bay's wildlife species become active a few hours before sunset and with 20 years of experience, we know where to look! Check the schedule for departure times.

For a complete, printable schedule of the departure times and prices of all our cruises, go to the Schedule.

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Finback blow
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Humpback whale
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  • Be sure to dress warmly. It is often 10 - 20 degrees cooler offshore than it is in town. ATLANTIS has two heated cabins in which to warm up, but when the action starts you'll want to be on deck. Bring a warm jacket or sweater. ATLANTIS cruises at very high speed (more than 30 MPH) so if you want to be on deck while we are underway (very exhilarating) be sure to wear clothing that blocks the wind.



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