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Bar Harbor, Maine


06/13 - 07/02 9:00*am, 2:00pm
07/03 - 08/24 8:00*am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm
08/25 - 09/21 9:00am, 2:00pm
09/22 - 10/28 11:30am

Cruise times marked with an asterisk include a visit to the waters off Petit Manan Lighthouse to look for puffins. Whale & puffin trips last approximately 4 hours.

All other whale watching cruises are approximately 3½  hours long depending on the location of the whales.


whales & puffins

Adults $38
Seniors $34
12 & under $20
5 & under $5

just whales

Adults $33
Seniors $29.50
12 & under $20
5 & under $5

100% of your money back
if we do not see a whale on your trip!

AAA discount of 10% is available off the adult price if membership card is shown at the time of sale.

All times and prices subject to change without notice.

Group rates available.

Humpback whale breaches


Finback blow
Finback whale exhales

Humpback whale
people watching

  • Be sure to dress warmly. It is often 10 - 20 degrees cooler offshore than it is in town. ATLANTIS has two heated cabins in which to warm up, but when the action starts you'll want to be on deck. Bring a warm jacket or sweater. ATLANTIS cruises at very high speed (more than 30 MPH) so if you want to be on deck while we are underway (very exhilarating) be sure to wear clothing that blocks the wind.



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